RSR Vehicle Tracker

The Rover Sports Register is proud to announce the release of its new tracking units, tracking App and 1 hour national stolen recovery service

Members Benefits

  • Direct Access to Freewheel, newsletters, events and notifications
  • Instant access to the status and location of your vehicles
  • Instant notification of vehicle movement tamper and low battery alerts
  • Heavily Club discounted with no contract or minimum use period
  • Optional access to 24/7 nationwide stolen vehicle stolen recovery network with instant response

App Features

  • Simple and easy to use functions
  • A choice of self fit tracking units to suit your requirements
  • Control of your tracking units remotely via the RSR app
  • You can subscribe to as many tracking units as you require, to include family members’ vehicles, all within your RSR app.
  • RSR Vehicle Dash Board which notifies you of your MOT,Tax, Service information/Alerts
  • Multiple reports and useful in App features, such as GPS journey and driver score reports

Available to all members (and family members) who would like to protect, monitor and track their vehicles

How to start? Simply visit RSR Tracker. Please have your membership number to hand for verification.

Which device? We have flexible self fit tracking unit options to suit all you requirements-

Option 1 – RSR – Magtrack

No wiring – 5 year rechargeable battery with a magnetic base

Option 2 – RSR – Nano

Ready prepared, 2 wires that connect directly to the vehicle battery with a 3M sticker on the base

Its all automated from here, once you have completed the sign up page, the device/s will be sent directly with full instructions and your App link will be sent direct via email for you to download from your App store provider