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Following the success of the award winning Roverfest 2017 weekend, the Joint Rover Clubs of Great Britain, consisting of the The Rover Sports Register, The Rover P4 Drivers’ Guild, The Rover P5 Club, The Rover P6 Club, The Rover SD1 Club, The Rover 200/400 Owners Club, The Rover Coupe Owner Club, The Rover 75 and MG ZT owners club will be joining forces to stage one big celebratory “Rover Fest” weekend in August 2020. Roverfest 2020 will be the combined National Rallies for some of the JRC clubs. 2020 also marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Range Rover. The weekend will culminate with the main Roverfest 2020 rally on Sunday the 9th August at Sywell Aerodrome in Northamptonshire. All Rover Cars, Bicycles, Motorcycles and All Land Rover models are welcome.


Members of the RSR receive the club magazine Freewheel every two months and also are eligible for a number of benefits plus access to specialist help and an increasing range of club regalia.

December Freewheel 2019
There are monthly local meetings as well as a dedicated online forum and facebook pages for discussion and debate.  NEW RSR Workshop Manuals now available


The RSR represents all models and variants of the Rover Marque and is proud to be the oldest and one of the largest Rover clubs.The club welcomes enthusiasts and owners of all Rovers, from Bicycles through to the last Rover 75s. In terms of benefits we offer : –

  • Coverage of all Rover models, old and new
  • Comprehensive Spares coverage for early cars, access to specialists for later cars
  • Technical expertise for all models
  • National Network of Regional Meetings
  • Extensive Programme of Rallies and Events
  • Access to Library plus Technical Publications
  • Insurance Scheme
  • Haynes Manual scheme
  • On line forum at http://www.rover-forum.thersr.co.uk
  • A First class· Bi-Monthly magazine – FREEWHEEL, plus additional publications
  • Workshop manuals and parts lists for early cars
  • Club badges and regalia

RSR members are just as welcome to visit and use the site. As you may expect, they have access to additional facilities. Why not join us and get all the benefits of membership. You can join online now, here!


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Chairman’s Chat.

No sooner just about recovered from the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show at the NEC than my Chairman’s chat bit is needed! First a big thank you to all members and friends who supported us at the NEC show, providing cars, helping on the stand or visiting us. More about this event in the report in Freewheel.

Don’t lose your private plate
The second item is more serious and relates to Cherished numbers held on retention certificates and relates to a DVLA consultation exercise in 2017 that has resulted in changes to their processes.
This change was not notified directly to clubs
Forms V750 (certificate of entitlement) or V778 (retention document) allow you to keep a cherished number, but must be renewed periodically. If your V750 or V778 has expired, act now
to ensure you retain the cherished number.

The DVLA website states:-
You can buy the right to use a private registration number again if you got the V750 or V778 before 9 March 2015 and it expired on or after 1 May 2011. You have until 18 December 2019 to apply –
DVLA will not accept applications after this date.
It costs £25 for each year that the certificate has expired. Any time under 1 year costs the same as a full year, for example if your certificate expired 2 years 1 month ago, you’ll have to pay for 3
years (£75).
Fill in the form on the V750 or V778. Send it with the fee to the address on the form.
The bottom line is act now to renew expired V750 or V778 forms or your cherished plate will be lost forever.
Further details are on the gov.uk website

Mike Maher Chairman December 2019


RSR members renewing their subscription can now choose a

Direct Debit option see Direct Debits under the Members tab.


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In Polish (Rower) and Belarusian (Rovar, Poþap) the word for bicycle is derived from the name of the company.

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