Members Survey

Member Survey

Are you a member of the RSR?

If Yes, then for how many years?


What is your age group ?

Under 16







What are the first 2 letters of your post code?

What is your main interest? (check all that apply):



Cars pre 1950

Cars post 1950

All Rover Vehicles

If you are a member, why did you join the RSR?


What do you most value about the Club?

Are you a member of any other motor club or clubs, please list them?

If so, how does the RSR compare to your other club or clubs?

Can you briefly describe three exiting areas in terms of goods or services

where you think the Club can do more for its members?

What new activities would you like the Club to get into?

What, if any,activities do you think the Club should abandon?

Can you describe briefly any areas where the Club does not do a good job?

Do you have regular access to the Internet?

Do you use the club website for information/joining/renewing subscriptions?

How would you rate the content of the club website?
Poor 1




5 Excellent

If the RSR produced an internet based publication would you read it?

Would you allow the RSR to contact you by email in special circumstances

like last minute info on rallies etc?

Have you considered watching the RSR AGM live on the internet?

How can the Club make the AGM a more attractive event so that you would

consider attending?

Do you maintain your own vehicle?

Do you employ others to maintain your car?

Would you be prepared to help in the management and running of the Club,
if so please add your contact details?

Any other comments?

Thank you for spending your time to help the club, after you select ‘Send Reply’
you will see the information you have sent.