Club Regalia

Club regalia is available.  The RSR is updating it’s regalia offering and we hope to have a comprehensive range available to order online soon.  In the meantime the following items are available.  If you wish to purchase any please use our contact form, stating what you require and we will get in touch.

Item Cost in UK
Classic RSR Car Badge (Grille Fitting) £20.00
Shield shape RSR Car Badge (Grille fixing) £15.00
Badge bar clip £4.00
New RSR Lapel Badge £5.00
Classic RSR Lapel badge £6.00
RSR key fob £5.00
RSR Cloth badge £6.50
Rover Tie tack/small lapel badge £3.25
Freewheel Binders in Red (discount on 2 or more) £9.95
NEW – RSR Baseball cap £8.50
Clothing – please enquire re polo shirts and fleeces