Rover Tourer 1947 non-runner, being sold for re-build.

Contact David Applebee
07788854689 or 01872 262467
Cornwall, Truro, England
£ 6,000.00

This is not the car for the faint hearted. It is quite honestly, a wreck. It has been neglected, moved from place to place and stored under plastic sheets since 1974. Consequently: it's been subject to woodworm etc. The dashboard no longer exists other than powder on the floor, the other timbers have not been looked at as yet, but may be in the same condition. Engine has not been started since 74 so will need a complete strip down; the hood is virtually non existent. It has one good tire, as that was purchased when a re-build was contemplated, the others are perished. New king pins were manufactured and fitted then. Upholstery???
The value is, that there were only 200 built and this is number 122; the history has been researched by Howard Jones who has written an excellent book on the mark which is advertised on this site.
Unfortunately, the photograph of it when it was in reasonable condition, has gone missing so others will have to follow.
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