1934-36 Rover sought

Dumfries, UK
£ 0.00

Over 20 years ago I owned two Rover 14s, 1939 and 1947 models. For the past few years I now have a 1947 Rover 12 which is very nice but has had the sunroof closed up and I would really have liked to find a very original or exceptionally well restored mid 30s saloon (or tourer ?). Any of a 10,12 or 14 would be possible provided it met the quality level I am looking for. The following may appear idealistic but I am at the stage where I know pretty much what I want and the cost is less important than the quality I seek.
Original registration, not ex wedding hire, not white, no "upgrades", however well intentioned. Original in as many respects as possible and an original period colour scheme. Full realistic allowance for good spare parts for the model concerned. If you have an exceptionally good car which you are thinking of selling, please let me know. I will wait a reasonable time for the right car. I do all my own maintenance and have considerable experience in pre war quality machinery
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