1933 Rover Speed Pilot 14 Engine, Gearbox (reverse gate & remote), Rudge Whitworth Hubs.

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01725 518003
Damerham, Fordingbridge, UK
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1933 Rover Speed Pilot 14 remains from find in field many years ago. Mechanical parts salvaged from derelict chassis including – Engine block with superficial corrosion (dismantled) crankshaft and internal parts appear complete; flywheel and clutch; reverse gate gearbox (no 36158) with clutch cover and remote lever – all gears select easily. Front axle and stubs with Rudge Whitworth hubs, steering rods etc. Rear axle intact with differential, half shafts and Rudge Whitworth hubs. Back plates, slave cylinders, drums and brake shoes. Aluminium castings for carburettor inlets, water inlet and oil filler etc. More pictures can be emailed to interested parties. Most are useful spares for owners of these rare cars or basis for a special. Open to offers.
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