1933 Rover Speed 20, Hastings Coupe – the last one.

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Contact Christopher Nixon
NSW, Newcastle, Australia
£ 30,000.00

As a few of you may know, I took on this once in a lifetime project from my father (Edward Nixon). In July 2015 I started restoring what we now know as the last remaining 1933 Rover Speed 20 – Hastings Coupe. From then until now I have slowly chipped away at the restoration of this vehicle, making sure that each part and section was meticulously restored.

A report I have written on the history of this car and restoration to date can be viewed on Dropbox here:
or Google Drive here:

The restoration has come to a halt due to financial, time and space restraints. Edward is now in a nursing home as his dementia has taken over his life.

I am looking for somebody keen to purchase this amazing vehicle and finish the project. I don’t want to see this project stall as it is such an important and exciting historic vehicle.
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